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Lille Shop- DIY craft

This is a DIY post about lille shop. The reason I love lille shop is because it can be anything you want it to be! You can take the walls out and make it an open plan, or leave one 2 or 3 walls in to change your configuration. Because all of our walls and floors are made of paperboard you can punch holes in it if you need to string up a cute bunting or sign for your shop.

Directions for 5 cool projects to do with your lille shop:


No. 2:

No. 3:

No. 4:

Punch holes in your upper floor and feed the string through to hold you sign onto your house.

No. 5:

No. 5.A – Make a mini bunting out of paper scraps and use rub on letters to make a “sale” sign for your shop!

All together…

Supplies and things we love:

Cover your mini books with cool paper like paper from the Repro Depot pattern book

Mini Book:

To make one just cut one of your old magazines or catalogs down to a small size, voila there you have it! If you want to get fancy glue cute paper to the front and back. Kids LOVE these!

More supplies include:

cute bakery twine, 1/8″ hole punch, scissors,butterfly craft punch, cute polka dot tape, paper scraps include: old maps and random paper from the house, cute colored pencils, and old magazines.


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I am a designer/maker who created the Lille Huset DIY dollhouses. I also love my own little house, and create things for the love of little homes everywhere. I blog about renovating my home, design, awesome cities, and modern life.

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  1. This is very much fun! I love the idea of being able to create any way you like. The material is also great. I do not have a kid, but if I do, I would definitely enjoy making this doll house together.

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