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Idea for Auction Item at Your Kids School Fundraiser

Hi all,

So as you know I have two kids and am the mom who tries to find the best way to help at my kids school where it is A. something I will enjoy and B. something that I can actually do! As you can guess I am generally recruited around the time that we need to make something cute for our auction that the kids make. I have made lots of different things over the years and some with success and others without. This one was the most successful and relatively easy.

I create an ABC poster using the kids self-portraits and working them into all the letters of the alphabet. Sometimes you have to get creative with which letter of the child’s name fits where, but not impossible 🙂

1. The project requires I go to my child’s class with a stack of blank printer paper and ask that the teacher have markers or crayons for the kids to use to draw themselves.

2. I ask each child to make a self-portrait and write his/her name on the page.

3. The drawings usually only take about 15 minutes.

4. Once the kids are done, I collect the drawings and scan them into the computer.

5. Once they are scanned I lay them out in Adobe Illustrator making the file 18×24 inches. I then place the drawings, size them and place the child’s name and the portrait next to each letter of the alphabet. I then make the letter in their name that I am highlighting larger than the other letters.

6. Print it out and frame it! I usually go to IKEA and grab a frame but any frame will do.

Good luck and let me know if you have questions, I can also post a template for you if you would like.

alphabetposter3  alphabet-poster

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