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FREE Download- Lille Kitchen Accessories

Since we love all of our fans we have another paper play FREE download for all of you to enjoy! Now that we have our own furniture you can have paper accessories to go with it. My daughter spent hours cutting and decorating her house with it. Enjoy!





  1. Hey there, just wondering how to print? We only have PDF file compatible iPad devices here…? Thank you for your time and this sweet offer to go with our recent purchases:D

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  3. Hi, there! The .pdf for kitchen accessories doesn’t seem to be the correct file size. It prints a tiny thumbnail rather than a full-page version. Also, I’m wondering if you could post a .pdf of Thanksgiving.

    Thank you! We love these.

    • alyson beaton says

      Hi Rachel,
      You need to click on the .pdf words in order to download the correct file. If you click on the picture it will just be a small thumbnail. There are actual pdf’s for all of the posts. Let me know if you can’t find them. Thank you!

      • I did manage to get the kitchen accessories to work, but I still can’t find a link for Thanksgiving. I see the words that should probably have a link, but there is no link. And the pictures take me to .jpgs. Help?

        Thank you!

  4. alyson beaton says

    Hi Rachel, Did you try printing the jpg? My intern uploaded it so I need to see if she has the pdf. I’ll let you know…

    • Marketingstuff says

      I did, actually. It gets cut off in the sides because it’s so big.

      Sorry for the hassle. It’s free. Don’t spend too much time on my behalf!


      Sent from my iPhone

      • alyson beaton says

        Hi Rachel,
        I had Savannah upload the pdf yesterday so it is there in the post! I am just happy you are excited about all of our downloads. Enjoy!

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