Lille Birthday
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Dollhouse Birthday Party

We are so excited to finally post our lille birthday party. We have also launched all of the items in our shop for sale. So get ready for the most creative party ever! The theme of the Party is Make and Play. The entire party and favor is all about crafting your own little house.


welcome to the party

Welcome to the party! You can make little tags for each child. DIY to come…

Tag close up

cake bunting

Make your own little bunting for your little cake. We also made a little house for the cake topper.

gift table

Set a little gift table with a tiny gift too! We wrapped a lego piece, the perfect size for our little houses.

Make it Shingles

NO. 1: The first station is making shingles for your lille huset. (Full DIY to come)

little flags

NO. 2: Every house needs a little flag! Just hole punch a tiny hole into your house and insert a flag. We made ours from toothpicks and paper! (Full DIY to come)

Tiny Bunting

NO. 3: Have the kids make a little bunting and string it up on their houses. (Full DIY to come)

bunting too

Quick Tip: Get some vintage spools and put bakery twine on them so each child can have their own spool.

Lille Friends

NO: 4: We have made our lille friends extra small to fit our lille birthday! Kids can color them and cut them out. FREE DOWNLOAD HERE

All together

QUICK TIP: We used little tins and wrote each of the stations on them and pre cut the pieces for the kids to just apply them with tape. Depending on the ages of the kids you could have them create them from scratch.


goodie bag

You can use a regular handled paper bag for taking home your lille huset, add little things to go with the house too to make the perfect goodie bags!




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