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We do Not Make Dollhouses


I decided to do a musing about our mission as a company which is: “modern design, classic play” with the core values of “eco-friendly” and “made in the USA.” You might be thinking that is a lot to take on, and no company can do all of those things. You can also add that I wanted all of my products to be reasonably priced, so all kids could have access to them (our products range from $12-$40). Lastly, I wanted them to embody a spirit of making a home that if full of love and that each child can call his/her own.

I’ll start with “Modern design, Classic Play”: I am always amazed when people ask me to make the wooden houses again. When I tell them why I have gotten completely away from wood, they fall in love with our products. Our products are based on play houses from the 1950’s5032-1  which were designed for hands on creative play for kids, and many of them were made from our material, paperboard. I have been inspired by the spirit of these vintage houses and created a product that is new, in how the houses look and how they are assembled. We also have an entire world of characters that live in them, making them little houses for all kids to create, play with and love. I believe that It is in the art of using your hands and making that creativity is formed, and that this is a playground for the imagination.

Next, where our products are made: All of our products are made in a factory in the Mid West, I like to say in the heart of America. The first time I drove out to meet my manufacturers (who have been producing puzzles and games for decades), I had no idea how amazing they would be. I drove through the country for at least an hour, down winding roads, past barns and silos, having no idea where in the world this place was. When I looked at my google map and it said to turn right into what looked like a farm, I saw the factory. I have been amazed everyday that I get to work with them. They are a group of people who take pride in what they do and are committed to quality. Although, you might be thinking, how hard can it be to make one of my houses, I should let the die casting engineer answer. All of our houses have spent over a year in concepting and creating prototypes that are sturdy and slot together correctly. Because we are not making flat puzzles, there is a lot of work that has to go into the details of the 3D aspect of working with paperboard.

Next, eco-friendly: Being a parent this was my main goal when I started this company. I was tired of having to throw away tiny plastic pieces of things that my kids had purchased (or I purchased) that were broken within the hour or they lost the other pieces that went with them, just to have them clog landfills with poorly made toys. My products are not only made from recycled paper (literally they are 100% recycled paper you can read more about it here) they are recyclable. Above all, I have found that kids LOVE playing with paper. Paper crafting and making is so simple, that kids will continue to create things for their houses because they can. All kids have paper, scissors, and tape, all things that are very cheap and accessible. Just add a lille huset and watch them create a world all their own. The only thing they have to add is imagination!

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 10.47.01 AM

Lastly, why they are NOT DOLLHOUSES?: I have found the term so limiting! I don’t like that the association with our products to be only for girls (which I find so annoying). The name of the line is “lille huset” which means little house in Norwegian. We make little houses for all kids to build, make and play with!





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