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Dwell Magazine and Dwell on Design

Hi all, I have no idea why it has taken me so long to post about what an amazing time we had at the Dwell on Design Show in LA. Dwell Magazine welcomed us not only in the magazine, but also on stage with Amanda Dameron AND with a booth at the show. It was so exciting to be able to exhibit with the best in modern design across the country. We met lots of new people all making amazing things. BUT best of all we met some new fans of our products. I LOVE it when kids come up and get so excited about our dollhouses that I can’t help but give them away! We got to launch our new Modern stackable dollhouse at the show and sold bunches of them to modern people everywhere. Here are some photos of our exhibit and highlights from the show. My husband the architect was like a kid in the candy store running around taking photos 🙂


lille huset dollhouses in dwell magazine

lille huset dollhouses in dwell magazine


  1. Esther Morrison says

    We buy individual Dwell magazines often because to subscribe they would arrive in our mailbox probably folded in half and/or torn. I really enjoy that magazine & wonder if you could tell me what issue where you are featured with your products because I missed that one.

    I installed windows in my little home. They are made from the clear plastic packaging of many products. The giraffe is not fond of the windows though. He prefers to poke his head out & look all around. He was so polite about it I just want to fix that problem for him.

    So far, the fan has worked. The snowman has not melted. I wrote you about this some evenings ago.

    Oh, yes! I made curtains from a ribbon that had wire on both sides. They are a beautiful shade of blue.

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