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xs Holiday Download

Dear friends, Thank you so much for your patience with us!!! We are so happy to have our first ever download for our extra small houses. ENJOY!



We will be posting our large house download today too.






  1. Esther Morrison says

    Dear Alyson, I just found your beautiful houses at a favorite toy store in Carmel, IN. I am 74 years & bought one house for my granddaughter & one for me. I have printed the downloads-it is very generous of you to let people print them for free! These are even more fun than paper dolls, of which I have many.

    Please put in your blog a phonetic spelling of “lille huset”.

    Thank you so much for this charming, delightful toy for all ages!


    Esther M.

    • alyson beaton says

      Hi Esther,
      Thank you so much for your support and your love of lille huset… the phonetic spelling is “lilla hoosa” meaning little house in Norwegian. I hope you both enjoy your houses!!!

  2. Esther Morrison says

    What fun I am having with the lille huset! Thank you so much for the Christmas download. I let a tiny rubber giraffe & a tiny rubber flamingo sneak the snowman into the upstairs room. I made a box fan with an electric cord, (a black string, really) to “plug in” to a tiny outlet I made for the back wall. The fan is running on high so the snowman will not melt. The flamingo really believes this will work. The giraffe is in between hopeful & wary so he is standing silently back, peering at this strange scene before him. Esther

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