alyson beaton in her studio

They are made of paper because it is a material that engages their imaginations in a way that is actually hands on! As a designer, I made them of a special paper that can be drawn on and fully played with. Unlike our heirloom wooden dollhouse cousins (who we love) our little houses are different in the way they capture children and draw them into a creative world that they get to experience.  My product is a little house to make and love, NOT a dollhouse, they are suitable for BOYS (yes boys, and girls!)

We, of course, love traditional dollhouses (which we love to look at but, please do NOT touch).

 I created lille huset paper dollhouses as a way for kids to have a hands on way of learning about design by making their own little house (and neighborhood) to love.

lille huset dollhouse village

> I have been working on lille huset dollhouses for the past four years and counting <

This project stemmed from our house project in Chicago on Whipple Street… “Our kids friends would come over to play and we would have to warn them about little things like the missing trim or crazy things that you just don’t get around to finishing when you start a giant project like this. Our kids also wanted to know if our house would ever be “normal” like their friends houses. We had to assure them that all would be fine, but that daddy and I were working on the plan. That was about the time that I invented my Lille Huset dollhouses for kids to make their own. It was through this process and trying to empower our kids to understand what it was like to have a house of your own that needed love and care that my business was born. I created the first lille huset dollhouse for my daughter for her 8th birthday modeled after our house and she loved making it her very own.”

This is truly how the idea came about, from there I created the first house and my daughter loved it. That led me to create an art installation using the little houses and asked local designers to come and participate. I called the installation “Mini Logan Square,” [ which you can read about in my art installations section ] and people at the event asked if they could also have a house to make. From there I created prototypes an sold them at local markets and shops. When I got serious about the project, the design entrepreneur in me took over. I launched a successful kickstarter campaign for starting the line, and from there took it to the wholesale marketplace.

Today my houses are sold in stores all over the country and have been sold nationally in: Barneys, J. Crew, Paper Source, Nordstrom, and many independent retailers. We also sell them online in our shop and on Amazon.com, the grommet, and uncommon goods.