Author: alyson beaton

Make it: Sod Roof

As promised here is the first thing to make for your Primrose, making it the perfect English cottage, a sod roof. I made mine with artificial moss. I used: SuperMoss, you can click here to buy it at Joann. I cut it to size and attached it to the roof of the primrose with glue dots. My kids went crazy when they saw it. Tomorrow, we will make a super cute window box for the front.  

Make it: Primrose 01

I have been so excited about starting this series of “Make it” for your huset that I spent all day working on our first one, Primrose. I have started a board on pinterest with English cottage inspiration (you can link to it here). It will take a few days to post all of the things I made but I hope you are excited to follow along and ask any questions along the way! Enjoy! Day one: Supplies

Idea for Auction Item at Your Kids School Fundraiser

Hi all, So as you know I have two kids and am the mom who tries to find the best way to help at my kids school where it is A. something I will enjoy and B. something that I can actually do! As you can guess I am generally recruited around the time that we need to make something cute for our auction that the kids make. I have made lots of different things over the years and some with success and others without. This one was the most successful and relatively easy. I create an ABC poster using the kids self-portraits and working them into all the letters of the alphabet. Sometimes you have to get creative with which letter of the child’s name fits where, but not impossible 🙂 1. The project requires I go to my child’s class with a stack of blank printer paper and ask that the teacher have markers or crayons for the kids to use to draw themselves. 2. I ask each child to make a self-portrait …

Lille Mod

I have been working on a new design to be released at the Dwell on Design Show in June… This is the same scale as the medium houses, designed to fit our new accessories coming soon! Let me know what you think! Stack them up and build a modern tower or configure them to make a modern house…

Our Lille Huset

Some of you know that I started this little company because of my own house in Chicago. My husband is an architect and I went to undergrad for architecture as well. When we bought our house back in 2010 it was a total mess, but given our backgrounds we were looking for a project. Over the past 4 years we have been updating it making it a “new modern home”. I posted our basement renovation last year and wanted to post about our kitchen too! Next project is the back yard (once the snow melts). click here for the photos on Houzz  Before    

“Make It” Quilt

Every huset needs to be snuggly and cozy inside so we have been working on a simple quilt you can make for your home. All you need is: One piece of fabric cut 8 inches long by 4 inches wide Quilt batting: I like the eco friendly option from “The Warm Company” Sewing Machine or needle and thread (you can do this by hand too). Now get started (follow the simple directions below):

Lille Huset For Your Big Day

Since launching lille huset I have had two occasions where friends have included us in their big day! Lille huset performed beautifully keeping the kids busy during the reception (well until the dancing began). Because we are an activity and a toy the kids went from drawing on and decorating their houses to playing with them. The perfect combo is to add scissors, (washable markers or crayons are optional), and some washi tape!

New Stuff Coming Soon!

It has been a little while and I have been sitting on my hands waiting to tell all of you about our new stuff!!! Next week at Toy Fair in NYC we will be releasing our new products to store buyers. We are so excited that we want to give you a little peek into what we have been working on here in our little huset in Chicago. Thanks to the polar vortex (twice) and the mountains of snow for keeping me (and my team) inside with nothing else to do but make new things for our global huset village. Introducing Shilo our new lille huset that is also a barn from the wine country outside of Portland, Oregon. The story of Shilo Shilo is the most perfect little red BARN that is home to many different animals, but especially horses.  During the day she stands proud and tall while she watches over the animals, as they graze in the fields. But, it is at night, when the animals are all nestled and warm inside …

Imagine Your World

Way, way back in 2011 I had an idea to write an activity book for kids that would teach them all about how to be a good steward of our environment through a myriad of activities. This book is called “Imagine Your World”. The best thing about the series of poster sized activity sheets is that they are fully eco printed and can be composted (not that you would want to compost them right away) but the idea is that they are printed super safe for our lovely planet!

Fun Inside

I was just cleaning out my old blog (I can’t believe this is yet another thing we have to tidy) and I found a photo that had to add to our world! I love seeing kids play and create their own worlds. This is my little guy Simon and his fort, built with none other than Nicole aka  “the fort building master”.

Take us with you!

I have heard from so many parents telling me how they love lille huset because they are not only cute, but portable! When I designed them I wanted them to pack flat so you could put them away but never thought about taking them with you. Pack up your lille huset and take her with you, just don’t forget to get her something cute for her walls from your destination!