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DIY Toilet Paper Race Cars

This was a super popular pin this week that we put on our DIY board. It is so cute and easy and perfect to go with your lille city. We found it here: What a great Blog!! Step 1: Collect toilet paper rolls Step 2: Paint them Step 3: Cut circles out of cardboard Step 4: Paint them Step 6: Attach them to the cars with brads.

Maddie’s “How to”

With a little help from our friends at Wooly Boo, Maddie’s first “How to” is a simple bed. All she used is one long rectangular block and an adorable duvet from Selma at Wooly Boo. We also did our first set of DIY dolls from Goose Grease . Why is baby always awake when mom is trying to sleep? Who is Maddie? Maddie is our featured kid of the week and ehem, my daughter. She is our resident 8 year old expert in all things Lille Huset. She received the first little huset to ever exist for her 6th birthday and has been crafting ever since. She and her brother, Simon, are always coming up with new great ideas for the houses which we will share with you too.

What is a Lille Huset Without Curtains?

… Boring! Here is a super quick  2 step “how to” about curtains… Design tip: When you make your curtains think about how to make your windows really interesting. Step 1: cut your shade/ curtain with any detail you like just large enough to be a little bigger than the actual window opening. Step 2: Tape the “shade/curtain” to the back side of the window. TIP: use some cute tape so your window is cute from both sides. Voila!