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We love to feature kids who want to show us what they have done with their lille huset dollhouses

Creative Kids Round up!

Over the course of the year, I LOVE getting emails from proud parents with photos of their kids houses. I love seeing their creativity in all of the handmade details. I have been gathering them up and can’t wait to show off: Lille Huset Round up 1: “Sarah’s Sweet & Stylish Abode”, my favorite part of this house… UM, the fact that she included her little sister as her paper doll!! Thank you Maria! House Round up 2: “Issy’s Cozy Mouse Lounge House”, my favorite part is the horse laying next to the sofa while the mouse has a nap! Thank you Jaime for the photos! If you want to share you photos just email us and you will also get a coupon from us for 50% off on our sites. xxoo        

Featuring Keira’s Fancy Huset

We are so happy to feature Keira the cutest little girl and her adorable lille huset! Keira has clearly made a wonderful home for her little friends, adding her own personal touches including what looks like some very fancy jewelry. My favorite part of her house is the picture she drew of her house that you can see in the second photo. Before After Since receiving these photos Sean adds: “She’s already turned it into a haunted house, added xmas decorations, made it into a spaceship, and i think is currently working on how to make snow for it…yeah, it’s been an adventure. thanks again–sean” Thank you Sean for sharing her creations with our community!

Olivia’s Bright and Cheery Home

We had so much fun touring Olivia’s home this weekend. She was thrilled to give us the full tour even though she made sure to let us know that she is “not done yet!” We just loved her use of color and creative recycling of foam to make pillows. Our favorite part? The media center in the living room. All of her dolls were lined up watching a movie, so cool! Olivia is 9 years old and wants to be a Veterinarian when she grows up. Thank you Livie!

Maddie’s festive home

Maddie: 8 years old & Natalie showing off their houses. What inspired your lille huset? I wanted it to be bright and happy. What is your favorite part? The lookout tower on top. I taped a plate to the house and made a spot for my dolls to see everything in my room. Oh, and it is also a swing if you need to get down extra fast. Is there anything else you want to tell us? Um, yes, that my friend Esme showed me how to make the folded shades. When she came over she couldn’t wait to show me how to make them. What do you want to be when you grow up? A teacher.

Feature Friday: Lydia’s Lille Logan Huset

Lille Huset camp was so much fun! One of the campers, Lydia, designed and decorated the Lille ‘Logan’ Huset, a sprawling Logan Square inspired greystone that included an indoor garden, glittery trim, and a colorful braided rug in the front room that really tied everything together. Lydia also colored a paper doll of herself so she could enjoy her house even more. To make the paper doll, we converted her picture to black and white, resized so that Lydia was about 6 inches tall and printed it on card stock. We used Photoshop, but most imaging programs should work too. Feel free to share your Lille Huset designs with us! We’d love to see what you come up with!