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We Heart Paper Source

We love every single store that loves us, but we have an extra special warm fuzzy for our partnership with Paper Source stores. My friend was shopping in one of the stores today and found our houses on the shelf. As the sales lady approached her she told her all about me and my story and why our products are so “great.” I have to say that was such an amazing thing to hear, not to mention every store decorated their houses too! Thank you Paper Source. That’s Primrose on the page

ChiTag Here We Come!

We are super duper excited to be part of Chicago Toy and Game fair next weekend at Navy Pier year for the first time ever. Link to site here We will have a booth for your creative kids to show off their brilliance. Enter to win the lille huset best gift bundle EVER, meet us, build a house and have fun!      

Dwell Magazine and Dwell on Design

Hi all, I have no idea why it has taken me so long to post about what an amazing time we had at the Dwell on Design Show in LA. Dwell Magazine welcomed us not only in the magazine, but also on stage with Amanda Dameron AND with a booth at the show. It was so exciting to be able to exhibit with the best in modern design across the country. We met lots of new people all making amazing things. BUT best of all we met some new fans of our products. I LOVE it when kids come up and get so excited about our dollhouses that I can’t help but give them away! We got to launch our new Modern stackable dollhouse at the show and sold bunches of them to modern people everywhere. Here are some photos of our exhibit and highlights from the show. My husband the architect was like a kid in the candy store running around taking photos 🙂  

Lille Huset Dollhouses at NY NOW

We were so happy to be back at NY NOW with our line of lille huset DIY dollhouses. My little company has been growing and are so happy to welcome new shops to our growing list of retailers. This year we were part of a group booth with Karen Alweil Studio who has some wonderful other brands like Bla Bla kids! Watch for us in your favorite stores this coming holiday season.  

Goodbye Screetime, Hello Lille huset DIY Dollhouses

The biggest feedback I get from fans of our products is that parents are so happy to have our dollhouses as an activity their kids love! In some cases kids are taking their dollhouses to friends houses for a playdate, exchanging ideas on things to make for their houses. I loved hearing this because it was my initial intent when I developed the product. Keep sending feedback, I LOVE hearing from you.

Lille Dollhouse Decor for Your Room!

Hi everyone, As you know I have been working on some fabric designs so your kids can not only design their lille huset house but they can also design their bedroom! When I first conceived of the idea of doing the little houses that kids can decorate, I have always wanted to have the option to have them become true to scale. I have spent the past few weeks sewing away and making some things with the fabrics. You can buy all of them at spoonflower if you click here you will get to my shop. I am doing my kids rooms over the next few weeks and will post photos when they are done! Also, if you see something on spoonflower and you want another color or design, just let me know and I can upload it for you. I’d love to help you design your spaces! Let me know what you think!

We do Not Make Dollhouses

I decided to do a musing about our mission as a company which is: “modern design, classic play” with the core values of “eco-friendly” and “made in the USA.” You might be thinking that is a lot to take on, and no company can do all of those things. You can also add that I wanted all of my products to be reasonably priced, so all kids could have access to them (our products range from $12-$40). Lastly, I wanted them to embody a spirit of making a home that if full of love and that each child can call his/her own. I’ll start with “Modern design, Classic Play”: I am always amazed when people ask me to make the wooden houses again. When I tell them why I have gotten completely away from wood, they fall in love with our products. Our products are based on play houses from the 1950’s  which were designed for hands on creative play for kids, and many of them were made from our material, paperboard. I have been …

Where does the Imagination Go?

I have to say that being in the business of creating children’s products has taught me a lot about people. I know that sounds strange but what I have learned is so interesting. I try to remember what it was like to be a child, I have memories of my childhood fort that we would run though every day and have great adventures. We would wade in the river and collect rocks. My fondest memories are of playing in a wooded area next to my house in South Carolina. It was a normal neighborhood but was full of woods and streams. We had a special rock that we would play on calling it our “fort.” If I had to describe it, it would be magical with all of the wonders of being in a world all our own. A place where our parents never entered. We would swing from vines and land in what was probably leaves with lots of creatures milling about, but we never worried about coming into contact with any of them. …

Logan- Our Little Victorian Castle

Logan is the house that is so big and perfect that all of the other houses think of him as a castle. He is a house that sits on the grand boulevard with high peaks that seem to reach to the sky. The owners of this house keep the house in perfect condition no matter the season. All year round they keep twinkle lights on the one little tree that sits in the middle of the perfect lawn. Each and every night when the lights turn on he seems even more magical.

Idea for Auction Item at Your Kids School Fundraiser

Hi all, So as you know I have two kids and am the mom who tries to find the best way to help at my kids school where it is A. something I will enjoy and B. something that I can actually do! As you can guess I am generally recruited around the time that we need to make something cute for our auction that the kids make. I have made lots of different things over the years and some with success and others without. This one was the most successful and relatively easy. I create an ABC poster using the kids self-portraits and working them into all the letters of the alphabet. Sometimes you have to get creative with which letter of the child’s name fits where, but not impossible 🙂 1. The project requires I go to my child’s class with a stack of blank printer paper and ask that the teacher have markers or crayons for the kids to use to draw themselves. 2. I ask each child to make a self-portrait …

Lille Mod

I have been working on a new design to be released at the Dwell on Design Show in June… This is the same scale as the medium houses, designed to fit our new accessories coming soon! Let me know what you think! Stack them up and build a modern tower or configure them to make a modern house…

Our Lille Huset

Some of you know that I started this little company because of my own house in Chicago. My husband is an architect and I went to undergrad for architecture as well. When we bought our house back in 2010 it was a total mess, but given our backgrounds we were looking for a project. Over the past 4 years we have been updating it making it a “new modern home”. I posted our basement renovation last year and wanted to post about our kitchen too! Next project is the back yard (once the snow melts). click here for the photos on Houzz  Before