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wood diys

More Mini Bedding

As many of you know by now, I am completely addicted to making tiny things that are too cute to resist. I don't know why I make them, maybe it is to give my brain a rest from staring at... Continue Reading →

Weekend Crafting

I wanted to start the weekend off right with our super fun Swan Room. All of the pieces of your kit are handmade all of the pieces of the kit, so if there are tiny imperfections, I apologize 😉 This... Continue Reading →

Little Danish Modern Sofa DIY

I am happy to be adding our little sofa to our library of tutorials! Here is a step by step how to put together and paint your danish modern sofa including cushions.    

Lille Peggies Kids

To complete our DIY peg doll series I am posting my Maddie & Simon dolls together! Enjoy making your little family 🙂    

Lille Peggies DIY Dad Doll

Here is more on our peg doll series: Paint your own dad doll

Lille Peggies FREE Download

Hi all, I wanted to include our free Peg doll clothes for you to download so you can dress your dolls. Enjoy!      

Lille Peggies DIY Mom Doll

I am happy to share with you my technique for painting my peg dolls. Here is a step by step I call Peggies 101 For the rest of the series I created some videos that you can watch here:  ... Continue Reading →

Lille Furniture Supplies

Hi all, I have had so many people emailing asking me for my suggestions on craft supplies that I thought it about time to make a post.I usually shop at JoAnn's Fabrics because they have more fabric than other craft... Continue Reading →

Make it Mini Quilt

I am so excited to be making our first post in a long time!! I am back and ready to share lots of new ideas with our new product line. The first is making your own mini quilt. It is... Continue Reading →

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