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Valentine’s Day Free Download

We’re always ready to spread a little love here at Lille Huset and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner it’s time to get your house ready for the occasion! Dress up your friends in cute new clothes and give them Valentine’s, chocolates, and flowers. Show how sweet you are with the free Valentine’s Day Download that now includes decorations for your xs and big Lille Huset. ValentineDownload          ValentineDownload

Miniature Mondays! DIY: Atomic Clock

Stuff you will need: -12 straight pins (the kind that have a plastic ball on the end) – a plastic cap from a drinking bottle – scraps of white and black paper  – scissors and glue Step 1. Place the cap on a white sheet of paper and trace a circle around it. Cut out your circle you just traced, this will be your clock face. Step 2. Pierce 4 straight pins into the side of the cap at ’12:00′, ‘3:00′,’6:00’ and ‘9:00’ and then evenly place the rest of the pins around the cap. Be sure to leave them sticking out a little. Step 3. Cut two small strips of black paper to use as your clock hands. One should be shorter (hour hand) and the longer one will be your minute hand. Glue the hands onto the clock face, making sure that the meet together in the center. Step 4. Glue the clock face onto your cap that you just stuck your pins in. Ta-da! An Atomic Clock you can now glue onto …