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Make it + Bed

        How to make the Lille Huset prim and proper bed: Pop out the bed pieces and two pieces of decorative trim. Cut the decorative trim pieces in half and tape them to the head and footboard, punch holes in the top to add bakers twine. Cut paper to the size of the mattress to make a duvet and cut out a fabric square for a pillow. Add paper to the bottom brace to make a dust ruffle. Cut out paper and add to the fronts of the head and footboard with tape and add paper to the new bed posts. Draw on a pretty P and roses to make it a special Primrose bed. Stand up the headboard and footboard with the bottom brace. Slide in the mattress. Add the new duvet and pillow and you’ve made it!    

Take us with you!

I have heard from so many parents telling me how they love lille huset because they are not only cute, but portable! When I designed them I wanted them to pack flat so you could put them away but never thought about taking them with you. Pack up your lille huset and take her with you, just don’t forget to get her something cute for her walls from your destination!  

Maddie’s festive home

Maddie: 8 years old & Natalie showing off their houses. What inspired your lille huset? I wanted it to be bright and happy. What is your favorite part? The lookout tower on top. I taped a plate to the house and made a spot for my dolls to see everything in my room. Oh, and it is also a swing if you need to get down extra fast. Is there anything else you want to tell us? Um, yes, that my friend Esme showed me how to make the folded shades. When she came over she couldn’t wait to show me how to make them. What do you want to be when you grow up? A teacher.