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Make it + Bed

        How to make the Lille Huset prim and proper bed: Pop out the bed pieces and two pieces of decorative trim. Cut the decorative trim pieces in half and tape them to the head and footboard, punch holes in the top to add bakers twine. Cut paper to the size of the mattress to make a duvet and cut out a fabric square for a pillow. Add paper to the bottom brace to make a dust ruffle. Cut out paper and add to the fronts of the head and footboard with tape and add paper to the new bed posts. Draw on a pretty P and roses to make it a special Primrose bed. Stand up the headboard and footboard with the bottom brace. Slide in the mattress. Add the new duvet and pillow and you’ve made it!    

Feature Friday: Lydia’s Lille Logan Huset

Lille Huset camp was so much fun! One of the campers, Lydia, designed and decorated the Lille ‘Logan’ Huset, a sprawling Logan Square inspired greystone that included an indoor garden, glittery trim, and a colorful braided rug in the front room that really tied everything together. Lydia also colored a paper doll of herself so she could enjoy her house even more. To make the paper doll, we converted her picture to black and white, resized so that Lydia was about 6 inches tall and printed it on card stock. We used Photoshop, but most imaging programs should work too. Feel free to share your Lille Huset designs with us! We’d love to see what you come up with! 

Lille Huset DIY: Record Player!

Stuff you will need: – 1 small, discarded gift box (the one I used is about 1”x 2”x 3” inches) – 1 pin back -3 straight pins -scissors -ink pen or marker -glue stick -hot glue gun (and adult supervision) -black paper -colored paper and patterned paper (optional) -small piece of felt -regular hole punch and an xs hole punch (both optional) Rec0rd Player: Step 1. Discard the lid and turn the box upside down. The bottom of the box will be the top of your record player. Step 2. Cut a 1 inch circle out of your felt. Glue it on the top of your box and pierce a straight pin through the middle of the felt, this will be the nodule that will hold your record in place. Step 3. Ask a grown-up to help you use the hot glue gun to glue your pin back on to the box, next to the felt piece. This pin will act as your ‘record needle’. Step 4. Cut a strip of paper to wrap around …

Miniature Mondays! DIY: Atomic Clock

Stuff you will need: -12 straight pins (the kind that have a plastic ball on the end) – a plastic cap from a drinking bottle – scraps of white and black paper  – scissors and glue Step 1. Place the cap on a white sheet of paper and trace a circle around it. Cut out your circle you just traced, this will be your clock face. Step 2. Pierce 4 straight pins into the side of the cap at ’12:00′, ‘3:00′,’6:00’ and ‘9:00’ and then evenly place the rest of the pins around the cap. Be sure to leave them sticking out a little. Step 3. Cut two small strips of black paper to use as your clock hands. One should be shorter (hour hand) and the longer one will be your minute hand. Glue the hands onto the clock face, making sure that the meet together in the center. Step 4. Glue the clock face onto your cap that you just stuck your pins in. Ta-da! An Atomic Clock you can now glue onto …